about me and this throwback website from 2000.
dybbuk was an alias I snagged 20 years ago for one set of six songs I made for acidplanet.com and never used again until recently. I figured I might as well bring it back, with a full exact website from back then having new options from now. Two years after the alias dybbuk, dybbuk_coy, coy_static, and staticMF, what the MF actually stood for, Muzakfiend, became my new handle in 2002 for a website I also never finished but still have. The point of this website currently other than having a cool throwback on neocities is so I can test all of the artist and band pages I'm about to piece together slowly and link to them in an iframe from the new site as well. I guess I'm just more comfortable with an alias and a turd site that I don't have to make super well-planned or elaborate in any way.

This will be my "mostly doom stuff" website since I found neocities itself from another doomworld user. I was already looking for webspace that had a limit, not unlimited, so I can house a tiny cozy one just for doom. Doom itself is like 12 megs, and most wads back then were less than 100K. I may even migrate fully to neocities and keep paying my domain registry bills but drop all the expensive hosting crap I have to pay for. Anyways as far as doom stuff. If it was 1999 or before, it was god awful and I had no clue that doomworld.com reviewed stuff from idgames archive, whether you wanted them to or not. I was just sneaking old crap I was proud I actually got to work and was beyond a newbie at this. If you are looking for GOOD mods, soon I'll have my first official map I would have liked to have had critiqued (though now they don't do that anymore) called The Hollow Grounds. It was technically made in 2002, but I added a little in 2005 and have since wanted to finish it and alter its original ending. The glacial caverns is kind of a surreal abstract venture that was going to be later used in a sequel to Nightmares of Loki called Visions of Loki that was never made. Village of the Doomed will double the size of all the old crap of ridiculously bad quality by having map to map jumping cluster portals that lead to various subgames. I'll have sequels and an all new set (or multiple sets) of levels. The Absynthium music pack is like a "darkside-bestof" synth collective for Doom II. The Unicorn Palace is a fun random map I made for my now wife. My opus if I ever do it in life, or get the time or patience, will be known as Otherworldly. It will feature an all-MP3 soundtrack, Hires textures, and a huge STORY that I have been proud to throw together for some time that I always wanted to make a mod for. I also wanted to do a trilogy and have the outlines in case the first one gets good responses.

Around this time many things were birthed. MAKINA is my rename-after-rename of Defined Static by dybbuk. Next year is about that time that I started The Noise Diaries that was once "connect the dots" and just one cd. This website also has some exclusive material not found on my newest primary website. The year before this website, I shat out some Cherry Rounders music and scored an accidental fanclub when napster leaked all the mp3s on my hard drive. You'll find all my music on the bottom right as well as that special nuisance nonsense. The later small unknown soundtracks went to games on the bottom left.

Since this is Neocities, I won't have an updates or news section. When it's done it's done. Also neocities has a websites feed that shares things as I change them and what pages. I may change the backgrounds soon though, or at least all but one, since they are pretty much the same thing colorized differently.